getting there…

“the perfect airport outfit: ultra comfortable, but not frumpy. wear the white silk camisole under the sweater so you can stay warm on the plane and have a hot-weather appropriate outfit once you land”

“these Bvlgari perfumed wipes and Aesop facial mist are ingenious inventions for keeping fresh while traveling”


“I love that this carry-on tote has wheels so you don’t need to carry your heavy laptop and other essentials on your shoulder”


being there…

“outfit change number one… if you’re heading straight to the cabana”

“a look for sun-kissed adventures and gelato…”


“for long morning baths and breakfast in bed.  the Pear & Freesia Bath Oil is travel-sized and a beautiful scent to start the day”

“natural beach waves and flowing lines for evenings out…”

“a few things you won’t want to forget… a gorgeous pool float is an essential for the gram”