Maison Francis Kurkdjian féminin Pluriel + Scent Layering Trick

This post is in collaboration with Maison Francis Kurkdjian – all opinions expressed are my own.

féminin Pluriel Eau de Parfum . . .

Powdery, silky, soft and warm. Like kisses of golden hour sunshine.  That’s the simplest way to describe this complex fragrance.  Feminin Pluriel is a floral bouquet that blooms through notes of Egyptian Jasmine, Florentine Iris, Rose, and Violet.  The ingredients are raw and real, and the scent makes you feel enveloped by bouquets of freshly-cut flowers.  The full fragrance note list includes:

Iris from Florence, Violet, Rose from Grasse, Jasmine from Egypt, Lily of the valley, Orange blossom, Vetiver, and Patchouli from Indonesia

Although this is a floral fragrance, it’s not the traditional, suffocating floral many of us have become accustomed to (and have learned to steer clear of).  It’s youthful, even playful and surprising.  There is something sweet and comforting about it that makes it addictive, but it’s still fresh and energetic.  If this fragrance were a person, she’d have on a silk slip dress and Stuart Weitzman Nudist’s while basking in the sun.  Not quite formal, but not casual either – she’s ready for any occasion.

My scent layering trick with Amyris femme body oil . . .

Fragrance lasts longest and blooms best on moisturized skin.  So to moisturize your skin with perfumed oil, genius right?  The Amyris femme body oil smells like a Mediterranean citrus garden, emanating notes of sweet green leaves and lemon blossoms in the sunlight.  In a word, heavenly.  The fragrance notes include lemon leaf, amyris, iris, vetiver and oud.  It’s a breezy, fresh and feminine scent that would be difficult for anyone to dislike.

I also have to mention how important it is that this body oil is a spray (as opposed to the usual dab-ons and pumps).  Oils in spray form are difficult to find but they’re the absolute most luxurious and enjoyable way to apply oil all over your body.  Just a few sprays and swipes, and it soaks right into your skin with no greasy residue while still giving you a pretty glow.

Now for the scent layering trick; but first I should tell you what scent layering means.  To layer scents is to spray one on top of the other, usually directly onto your skin, to create your own unique scent.  Instead of using two perfumes, though, I like to first use the Amyris femme body oil and then spray a perfume, like féminin Pluriel, on top of that.  This moisturizes my skin and leaves a place for the perfume to hold on to all day, and also gives me a unique scent, customized just for me.

You can shop féminin Pluriel eau de parfum here and the Amyris femme body oil here.

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