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This post is in collaboration with Tatcha.  All opinions expressed are my own.

As we’re saying goodbye to summer I wanted to share some of my summer skincare favorites that I’ll continue to use all year!  I first discovered Tatcha skincare with the Water Cream – my absolute favorite daytime moisturizer.  Tatcha’s products are infused with the brand’s signature Hadasei-3 complex, a super food trinity of algae, green tea, and rice.  Using these ingredients for skincare is inspired by the beauty routines of the geisha, who used whole, natural ingredients to perfect their skin.  Since some of my favorite masks and beauty treatments are made by me in the kitchen with fresh fruits and spices, this was an idea I could really get behind.  Many Tatcha products (like the Water Cream) are also infused with powdered 23 karat gold, which gives you a natural glow without any glitter.

The Essence looks and feels like water, but it’s actually a highly concentrated skin softener that is 98.7% Hadasei-3 complex.  An essence is meant to plump your skin because it doubles the skin’s natural moisture content, and it helps the skincare that you apply on top of your essence absorb and work better.  This is such an important step to keep your skin soft and well cared for – use it after cleansing, but before skincare.  If you use a toner after cleansing, use it right after the toner.

The Water Cream is my favorite.  It can be used on oily skin.  It can be used on dry skin.  It’s lightweight, full of moisture, but not greasy.  When you put it on your skin – pat, don’t rub – it feels like little balls of water are bursting into your pores.  It just keeps you moisturized all day, and it has the added bonus of anti-aging ingredients.  I absolutely love the little gold caviar spoon Tatcha includes with their creams so you don’t contaminate the pot with your fingers!

The Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream is ideal for dry skin – it’s rich, balmy and heavy.  In addition to the Hadasei-3 complex, this cream includes botanicals like gardenia and peony extract to keep signs of aging away.  This cream can be used all over the face and neck, but I prefer to only use it as an eye cream at night because of the heavy texture.  It feels so nourishing and refreshing under the eyes and it doesn’t migrate!

The Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is a milky, hydrating facial mist that can be sprayed before skincare/after cleansing as a toner, or to set makeup.  It truly is luminous – if you spray it more than twice with a very light hand, your face can end up a little too glowing.  It has so many beneficial skincare ingredients.  Camellia oil (amazing for dry skin), Panax Ginseng root extract, and Royal Jelly extract are just a few of its ingredients that are great for anti-aging.

I have so many more Tatcha products I need to try, it’s definitely becoming one of my favorite skincare brands that I know has safe and beneficial ingredients.  The Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm and gorgeous Violet-C Mask are next on my list, and I’ll be sure to let you guys know if they’re loves!

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