Top 5 Etiquette Tips to be Charismatic & Succeed in Life!

The word “etiquette” probably draws up images of princesses-in-training being tied to dining chairs with Hermes scarves while grasping for their soup. You probably imagine a certain pretty woman struggling to eat escargot as the slippery little sucker flies across the room, too. While eating gracefully is important, etiquette is so much more than how to conduct yourself during meals. It’s a tool and a lifestyle choice that you can use to make yourself more charismatic, likable and successful.

Etiquette will always be in style because essentially, it’s about having respect for others and for yourself. Practicing etiquette is guaranteed to gain you admiration from others, and your good manners will make you stand out from the many who have forgotten how important they are. That’s because etiquette isn’t really just about which fork to use or where to place it, it’s about making those around you feel comfortable, having a healthy sense of self respect and displaying your own brand of charm that makes you unforgettable! These five tips are the essentials for your etiquette tool kit – don’t forget to take them with you wherever you go.

Keep your word + follow through!

If you want to be more charismatic, successful and happy, this is THE most important piece of etiquette advice to take to heart. If you say you’re going to do something, make your best effort to truly make it happen. Follow through with your word. It sounds simple, even easy, but consistency is key.  If you don’t follow through, your words will stop meaning much to people. They’ll stop listening, and they won’t have a lot of faith in you. Having integrity and keeping your promises is so important, and it will draw people to you and make you truly memorable! If you’re forgetful, a good tip is to take quick notes in your phone and set up reminders.

Retain mystery

Honesty and openness are wonderful things, but advertising every moment of your day online and describing your ailments to acquaintances are entirely another. This is an especially relevant tip today with the temptations of social media. Oversharing your life and feelings can make you predictable, and eventually boring. There’s nothing left to wonder about or to discover about you if it’s published in detail every day. Nobody wants to be that person! Find the line between sharing and oversharing, draw it, and try not to cross it.

Dress for the occasion

The phrase “When in Rome…” actually holds an important bit of etiquette advice. For each occasion we have in our lives, be it attending a charity ball or going to the farmer’s market, we dress a certain way to show that we’re a part of the larger group. Dressing appropriately for different occasions shows your respect for the event and it’s hosts:  think about how we all know to never wear white to a wedding. Every moment in our lives deserves the same level of respect as the formal occasions do. The way you present yourself to the world through dress displays your respect for others, as well as yourself.

Take your time

When you rush through your meals or run to get your destination, it makes you look frazzled, like you don’t have control over your life. People are drawn to others that take their time because their peaceful demeanor is a form of quiet power. It shows they have everything under control, that they’re confident, and they know the importance of enjoying each moment. Even if these cool, collected people don’t really have everything going smoothly in their lives, they don’t allow everyone else to see that. So take your time and know that you’re ultimately in control of your life. People will marvel at how put-together you are and wonder how you do it.

Asking over advertising

The best way to be charismatic and charming  during conversations is to display a genuine interest in those around you. Rather than telling someone all about your achievements and amazing trips, ask them about theirs! Don’t be afraid to share stories and ideas that you think people would find interesting, if they ask, but always remember to ask them too. Being humble is something that never goes unnoticed, and having a genuine interest in the lives of others is the best way to make meaningful connections with them!

As you’ve gathered from these five essential tips, etiquette is much more about how you make other people feel than how you appear. We’ve all heard the quote that people may not remember how you looked or the things you said, but they will always remember the way you made them feel. No one spoons their sorbet perfectly or always remembers which fork to use. The important thing to remember is to put others at ease and to be a warm presence. Here’s to being our best and most charismatic selves.  Cheers!